Poole History Online

Poole History Online  enables Poole residents, and anyone around the world who can trace their ancestry to the town or has an interest in its rich history, to discover a wealth of local heritage information and images. The website’s rich resource of thousands of photographs, documents, maps, oral histories and more has been compiled and digitised by volunteers working in Poole History Centre over the years since it was founded in 2000. Making all this data accessible through a user-friendly website has been made possible by a grant from the Poole Historical Trust. This superb new resource that can be used by anyone interested in Poole’s heritage, has been created at no cost to the council or to the Council Tax payer.

High Street 1942. Nos 21-27 includes G. Moors (tabacconist) and E.J. Purdue (mens' hairdressers) with barber's pole.

Poole History Online already includes a vast amount of information about Poole High Street, for example, over 300 photographs, map extracts and even some newspaper records. 

The website also contains our newspaper index which can be used to search for mentions of specific people, businesses or buildings.  A search for High Street in the Newspaper Index of Places returns 254 records including, adverts, auction notices, reports of shops moving premises and personal notices like:

 “88 High Street.  Charles Keats, Linen Draper, birth of a daughter, 1st Feb 1849.”

Please have a look at the website, it may be useful to you when you are researching your “chunk” or you might just enjoy browsing for personal interest!  We would love to hear your comments and feedback.  Remember that the website is still being built so please make sure you keep checking back if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for.



About Poole High Street Project

Contact: Jenny Oliver - j.oliver48@btinternet.com
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