High Street Quiz Answers

I hope you had a look at the quiz and got some, if not all of the answers.

  1. Names – A.  Which sweetshop has Chitty Chitty Bang Bang connections?  B. Which jewellery store could be explosive?  C. What does Dr. Feelgood specialise in?  Answers – A. Truly Scrumptious (down near the Museum) B. Volcano  C. Tattoos (Dr. Feelgood’s Tattoo Studio).
  2. Natural history – Which creatures are associated with: A. a former shoe shop?  B. an old coaching inn?  C. a luncheonette opposite an old bank? Answers – A. Hawk  B. Antelope  C. Star Fish
  3. International– A. Which shop greets its customers with ‘wilamy’?      B. Which café has links with the Bosporus?  C. Which café sounds worldwide? Answers – A. The Polish Market  B. Samritz  C. The Globe Cafe
  4. Pictures – A. Whose tower?  B. Whose hinge?  C. Whose bracket?

    A. Burger King tower


B. Methodist church door






C. Tandoori Nights

5. History – A. How do the Victorian engineers Ransomes and Rapier still help people progress up and down the High Street?  B. What was the Café Nero building used for in the 1920s?  C. Which two inns stood on the site of Halfords and Peacocks on either side of Globe Lane?  Answers – A. They built the iron footbridge over the railway, dated 1872. B. As a gas showroom  C. The White Hart and The Globe.

The clock

6. Signs – A. Where does ‘Ian Newberry & Co. Solicitors’ appear on the premises of Tony Newman, Estate Agents?  B. Which shop stocks ‘paraffin wax, genuine turpentine and linseed oil, raw and boiled’?      C. Which café advertises ‘XVI c tea rooms’? Answers – A. On a drum clock  B. W.E. Boone  C.  The Courtyard Tearooms.  

Congratulations to Andrew Hawkes and Sylvia Tomkins for your answers.    Jenny


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Contact: Jenny Oliver - j.oliver48@btinternet.com
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