Talking about the weather

Some comments from Andrew Hawkes:

High Street 1979


Attached is a picture of the High Street in Jan 1979, taken about 10 am. Yes we did sell out of wellies because the snow was very wet and because there was a lot, it blocked the drains and the melting water could not escape. As soon as someone cleared the gratings, the water went.

Flooding:   in my 60 years in the High Street I have not seen serious flooding, such as that hit Swanage. I have seen it where a drain has blocked and the water lies to a depth of 2 inches, flowing away down the next drain. In the past there has been a problem at the Railway Gate area. Again this is mostly down to blocked drains and a large puddle forms but usually you can walk round the edges.

Snow plough at work 1963



Another winter scene






The crossing 1908


High Street date unknown

With thanks to Andrew Hawkes for the comments and photos.

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