Prize Quiz Answers

Here are the answers for the Christmas and New Year Quiz.

Former Red Star

  1. Samuel Rolles’ house was Beech Hurst (now Jacobs and Reeves).
  2. The ceiling painting can be seen in No. 14 (formerly Hardy’s restaurant).
  3. The ‘Callaghan Clamp’ was a 1965 government edict to restrict building work without Ministry approval (mentioned in ‘Poole’s Pride Regained’).
  4. Red – no. 15 High Street is now a vacant plot but it was occupied by an old building, once the Red Star coffee tavern. In 1978, the building started to fall down and had to be demolished.
  5. Bennets the bakers occupy the former Bright’s premises.
  6. Cinnamon (House)
  7. Peter Hiley and Col. William Skutt both provided lavish meals for King Charles II when he visited in 1665. They lived on either side of the corn market.
  8. The plaque is on the side of the Wesleyan Church.
  9. Stan James (No. 84) is on the site of the bombed tailors.
  10. The Taj Mahal restaurant, opposite Orchard Plaza.
  11. Arthur James, bill poster and town crier.
  12. The old bank building on the corner of Dear Hay Lane carries this date on its rainspouts.

    Grand Parade sign

  13. The Parade was the name given to the part of the High Street between what is now Lagland Street and the railway crossing. The Grand Parade is at the other end of the High Street near the Quay and refers to the properties occupying the old corn store opposite the Antelope.
  14. The Antelope Inn was the boarding point for the London and Bristol     coaches.
  15. William Knapp was the local hymn writer.
  16. Bon Marché is a much altered 18th century building with this rather art deco style decoration on the façade.
  17. Alderman Horatio Hamilton was the murder victim.
  18. St. Paul’s church (near the site of the present Macdonald’s).

    Antelope, coaches and a glimpse of the subscription library

  19. The Poole Subscription Library, built in 1830, stood at the bottom of the High Street where the Museum entrance now is.
  20. Scaplen’s Court has the date 1986 above the window but was probably built in the 15th century.
  21. Catherine, Elizabeth and Mary Penney lived in Ivy House between 1820 and 1913.
  22. Alice Greene was murdered with her servant, Agnes Beard.

    No. 14 Tudor gable

  23. Evidence suggests that No. 14 was probably built in the reign of Henry VIII or Elizabeth I (any Tudors accepted).
  24. Lush, formerly the Bell and Crown pub. (The 29 shown in the picture is a bit of a give away!)
  25. The Globe Café is the modern incarnation of the old London Hotel.
  26. Newfoundland merchant, John Masters converted the old Red Cow as a dwelling house.
  27. This is one of the bay windows above Iceland.
  28. In 1955 the Poole Council resolved to clear all slums within 5 years. (‘Poole’s Pride Regained’).

    The log boat

  29. Discovered  in 1964, the Poole log boat was first displayed to the public in 1965 in Scaplen’s Court. Now it takes pride of place in the refurbished Poole Museum.
  30. This fancy animal head (a bull?) appears above the Photo Shop.

Names of High Street businesses from the Wise Men story:

Harbour Lights / This Is It / Gemini / Storm / Volcano / Trueboy / Best Wishes / Frontline / The Canteen / Reed / the Antelope / Peacocks / Orchard Plaza /  Men’s Room / Game / Weigh In /  the King’s Head /  Burgundy / Beads / Lush / Truly Scrumptious / Amazing Trick Box / The Works / the Globe / Quicksilver / The Old Stables / The Old Corn Store / Paradox / Linens Direct / the Spotted Cow / The Cabin / Sevenoaks.

I hope you enjoyed having a go at this. We will be getting in touch with the winner.

Jenny & Katie


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