The Perils of Horse Power

Reported in the Poole and East Dorset Herald 23rd October 1851:

Map of the area

‘On Saturday last, Mr Nicholl, Auctioneer and Surveyor, of this town, was returning in a gig with a gentleman whom he had driven into the country to look at some property for disposal, when the pony on passing through the High Street took fright and started off at the top of its speed until nearly opposite New Orchard, when the wheel of the gig came in contact with some trucks standing in the road, and by the force of the collision, the progress of the pony was immediately arrested, the gig overturned, and Mr Nicholl and his companion were thrown out with considerable violence. Happily, no serious injury was sustained, Mr N. escaped with soiled clothes and a shaking, and his companion received a wound on the head which at the time bled rather copiously, but no evil results have followed. The horse had a few cuts, the harness was broken, and the gig very much damaged.’

New Orchard corner today

New Orchard near where the accident took place was then a narrow lane leading off the High Street along to Market Street and the Guildhall. Now, of course it has been considerably widened to take traffic across the town.


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