Christmas & New Year Quiz Answers

I hope you had a delve into the blog to find some of the answers for the quiz and came across some interesting snippets. The answers are as follows:

Which number in the High Street . . . ?

No 94 as a grocer's

No 94 as a grocer’s

1. Merchant William Barfoot lived at No. 87. / 2. No. 44 is on the site of ‘The Priory’. / 3. The jewellery raid of 1899 took place at No. 143. / 4. T. Perrin and Son traded from No. 116. / 5. The Hospice Shop now occupies No. 94.

Where . . . ?

Plane trees

Plane trees

6. The Zebra Bar was next to the George Hotel / 7. Johnson Melledge hid his silver down a well. / 8. The Port Mahon Castle Hotel was in High Street Longfleet where BHS is now located. / 9. The arcade of plane trees is in the old corn market area of High Street. / 10. Peter Hiley lived on the south east side of the corn market.

Who . . . ?

Old library

Old library

11. Thomas Joyner made the weather vane on the dome of the old library. / 12. Job Loader was treasurer to the Poole Wesleyan Sunday School in the mid 19th century. / 13. Dr. Thomas Salter erected an obelisk to the memory of his son who died in the Crimea. / 14. Tom Hookey was a vociferous costermonger. / 15. The under horse, cart, boards and post were judged guilty of causing the death of John Mountier (alias Christmas).

Why . . . ?

The former Bell and Crown

The former Bell and Crown

16. John Williams was arrested in 1865 for setting fire to a bed in the Bell and Crown. / 17. Thomas Parrot placed a notice in the mewspaper in 1886 to find out who started a rumour that there was smallpox in his household. / 18. A cheese and wine party in the Arndale Centre in 1971 was to celebrate the newly formed social club for traders and employees. / 19. Elizabeth Harvey swore at her husband because he knocked her down three times. / 20. Grocer Henry Dorrset was targetted by a mob in 1899 because he was reported to be against the Boer War.

When . . . ?

Railway footbridge under construction

Railway footbridge under construction

21. The first turf was dug in March 1967 to begin the building of the Arndale Centre. / 22. The railway was built across the High Street in 1874. / 23. James Bravery opened the Poole Electric Theatre in 1911. / 24. The first photographer recorded on High Street (that we know of) was in the 1861 census. / 25. The first widening of High Street was planned in 1818.

The winner of the prize is Trixie Gadd with an almost perfect score so congratulations to her!

Jenny & Katie


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