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High Street Dig

There have been very few excavations in High Street but one took place in the mid 1970s on the south east side of the corn market. In the 1960s, Nos. 39 to 57 High Street consisted of a row of … Continue reading

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Poole Tallow Chandlers

The industry of candle making has a long and often not so glorious past. Although its origins are a dim event with little information surrounding it, we can shed some light on the industry within the town of Poole. During … Continue reading

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A Poole Poet

In the early 18th century the old George Inn (now known as Scaplen’s Court) was home to an unusual and talented poet. Henry Price was born in London in 1702 and came to Poole when his father took over the … Continue reading

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Historical Remnants

In spite of all the changes in the High Street, there are still all sorts of little clues in the buildings that somehow survive from the past. These are a few of them I have noticed when walking up and … Continue reading

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