What’s happening? Wallace celebrations.

It’s all been quiet on the blog front for a while because the High Street book has been working up to a climax. Having finished the text and done the corrections, amendments, acknowledgements and index I had to get cracking on sourcing all the illustrations which was quite a task in itself. I am profoundly grateful to Andrew Hawkes and to Dai Watkins and Sue Beckett of Poole Museum for allowing me to use some of their fascinating photographs and to Ian Andrews of the Poole Historical Trust for managing the production of the book. Hopefully it should be out in late November / early December, just in time for Christmas. If you are interested – look out for it around that time. (End of commercial!)

Then last week Katie and I did a talk on the history of the High Street for the Poole Museum Society. It was really a small selection of stories through the centuries enlivened by quotes from documents, records, newspaper articles and so on. Doing the talk and working out what to include made us realise how much we have found out since the beginning of this project.

Wallace in old age

Wallace in old age

I will be on the blog again in the next few weeks and meanwhile I’ll mention some forthcoming local events (not High Street related) that might interest you. As you may know, the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace lived in Parkstone and then for over a decade in Broadstone, where he is buried. To mark the centenary of his death there is a series of free Saturday talks at the museum, a display at Broadstone Library and a play at the Poole History Centre.

Wallace Flyer BSee below for details.  Jenny



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