Poole and the Swash Channel Wreck

Hollar West Indiaman 2

Dutch West Indiamen by Holler

Now that the first artefacts from the 400 year old vessel wrecked in the Swash Channel are on display at Poole Museum, it is interesting to investigate the world of the 1620s and 1630s when the ship met her end. The early 17th century was an exciting time of trade expansion, exploration and settlement with Europeans sailing to distant lands to set up trading posts and colonies. Forward-looking men of wealth invested their money in trading companies; settlers risked their lives in search of adventure or a new life free from the restrictions and persecutions of the old world. As international traders themselves, the inhabitants of Poole were well aware of global events and familiar with the splendid merchant ships which plied the Channel beyond the harbour entrance. Follow the story at: http://poolemuseumsociety.wordpress.com


About Poole High Street Project

Contact: Jenny Oliver - j.oliver48@btinternet.com
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