Too Radical for Poole?

Col. John Rede

Col. John Rede

Debates about politics and society are nothing new. A talk at Poole Museum on Saturday 26th September at 2.30 pm by writer, broadcaster and activist, John Rees, will take the audience back over 350 years to a time when England was without a king and the country abounded in new political ideas. The Governor of Poole was Col. John Rede, a charismatic soldier whose radical beliefs and revolutionary associates had begun to raise alarm in the heart of the Poole establishment. When they petitioned Parliament for his removal, the stage was set for a dramatic confrontation between Rede and George Skutt, the man who planned to take over as Governor.


John Rees

John Rees

The illustrated talk will explore the background and discuss the outcome of this little known episode in Poole and national history. John Rede, the Levellers & the Battle for Poole 1647-1651 is run jointly by the Levellers’ Association and Poole Museum Society. Numbers are limited so booking is essential. Tickets cost £4 each; click, print and complete the booking form below to apply.

Rede Booking form 2

Haydn Wheeler organiser of the talk with Jeremy Corbin and the poster!

Haydn Wheeler, organiser of the talk with Jeremy Corbyn and the poster!





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3 Responses to Too Radical for Poole?

  1. Anne-Marie thompson says:

    Hello there, Being ever so far away ( Melbourne, Australia) I am wondering whether you could post these as podcasts. Regards, Anne-Marie Cooper ( Hescroff) Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2015 09:12:57 +0000 To:

  2. To Anne-Marie
    Do you mean the talk itself? I’d have to look into the permissions plus the technical side but everything is possible!

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