Poole in Flames

ship-sealThe 15th century was a time of recovery in Dorset as elsewhere after the ravages of the Black Death and later plague outbreaks and the destruction of the hundred years war. This recovery is the theme of a talk at Poole Museum next Wednesday 16th November at 7.30 pm from Mark Forrest of the Dorset History Centre (all welcome).

Town cellars 15th century front wall with earlier masonry

Town cellars 15th century front wall with earlier masonry in the foreground

As far as Poole is concerned, it was in the 15th century that the town constructed its defences, the ditch, walls and towngate, and that Scaplen’s Court was built on the site of an older house. The town cellars building was also partially rebuilt as can be seen in its walls to this day. The rear wall dates from the early 14th century while the roof and most of the front wall is over 100 years later. Some of the older masonry can still be seen at the eastern end of the later front wall.

These repairs may not just have been normal maintenance or a response to more prosperous times. There is evidence that Poole suffered a devastating French / Castilian raid in the early years of the 15th century, leaving wrecked and burnt out buildings and probably many dead. It may have taken decades for the town to recover. See: http://poolemuseumsociety.wordpress.com for the full story.


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