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From Pickaxe to Paver

Recently I came across an estimate from 1843 for repairing and ‘Macadamizing’ parts of the High Street and it made me think of the difference between the process of road surfacing today and in early Victorian times. Everyone who has … Continue reading

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The Physician’s Art and the Surgeon’s Skill

Hearing about surgical techniques and medical treatment in the 1600s can be fascinating – from the distant viewpoint of the 21st century. It must have been a very different story to be a patient at the time. In advance of … Continue reading

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Poole’s Ghost Walls

Scraps of evidence about Poole’s ancient defences still exist in the town’s archives and also in the street pattern and place names, although mysteries still remain. Find out more at:

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Gold, Oak and Adventure

News of a few current happenings at Poole Museum might cheer the gloomy days of winter. The first is a free talk at the Museum on 25th February at 2.00pm by David Dawson of the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes. Gold from … Continue reading

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Poole Plaques – How Unfortunate was Monmouth?

The number of information plaques in Poole has multiplied recently, giving  speaker, Steve Roberts, quite a challenge in tackling the subject at his talk on 15th February at Poole Museum. The latest crop of bright blue discs adds to the … Continue reading

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Quiz Solution

How far did you get with the answers to the quiz? Here is the solution and I hope it all works! Connections Bus routes from Poole and their destinations. Four Marys: Mary Anning (fossil hunter) / Lady Mary Bankes (defender … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy or Google Buster? Clues by order of the Quiz Wizard

Did you find the Christmas quiz ridiculously easy or fiendishly hard? I must say that by the time it was compiled I no longer had any idea which it might be. Anyway, I have had notification from the Chief Christmas … Continue reading

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Dorset & Poole ‘Only Connect’ Christmas Quiz

If you feel in need of a bit of a mental work out over the festive season, have a go at this local quiz. (I’ve already had my work out trying to compile it!) Glory, and perhaps a small prize, … Continue reading

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Poole in Flames

The 15th century was a time of recovery in Dorset as elsewhere after the ravages of the Black Death and later plague outbreaks and the destruction of the hundred years war. This recovery is the theme of a talk at … Continue reading

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Wallace – Collector and Scientist

This article is a taster for the talk at Poole Museum ‘Alfred Russel Wallace: the Poole Years’ by Mike Brooke on Saturday 23rd July at 2.30pm which accompanies the World of Wallace exhibition currently showing in the Museum. (Tickets for the … Continue reading

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